Thursday, March 14, 2019

Rebranding Announcement (and BONUS Star Wars mini-comic)

Enjoy these Star Wars mini-comics from my upcoming zine, Garbage Baby: A Fan Awakens as tax for the unfortunately necessary but boring rant/explanation below! Look forward to a post about Garbage Baby soon! The announcement following doesn't concern this site, but my Facebook page, a hold over from previous branding.

I've been trying to "consolidate my brand" as an artist over the past few months. I've been all over the place over the years, with Etsy shops and Facebook pages under both Pookie Pixels and Handmade Cards by Amanda. But the problem with that was that I was only posting a piece of myself at each place...just one aspect of what I do. It left me spread thin between various sites and blogs.

I launched this site under my artist name, Pook Nero, so that I could post ANYTHING here. Cards, jewelry, comics, fan art, writing. Any creative project by me, Pook Nero, the artist.  For more about why I chose Pook Nero as my artist name, you can check out my newly updated About Me page.

Today, most of my branding is in line: My Deviant Art, Etsy, tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram all have the same name (pooknero). The final holdout is Facebook.

I currently have Pages under both Pookie Pixels and Handmade Cards by Amanda. I plan to merge them and get my Page renamed to Pook Nero if possible. This way, all of my branding, everywhere, will be in line. My goal is to post all of my art in one place, to make it easier for fans to actually find my work. My initial name change request on Facebook was too dissimilar to be approved. I filed an appeal, but  have been prompted to provide an official press release about the name change. I hadn't released anything because the name had already been changed everywhere else, or had only ever been Pook Nero elsewhere, so it didn't make sense to announce anything. But regardless, here I am announcing that I'm FINALLY attempting to get my brand together!

Thanks for reading, if you did, and I hope you enjoyed this preview of Garbage Baby.


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