Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Congrats Kelly & Michael!

One of my oldest friends, Kelly, FINALLY got married this month! Well, technically she'd already eloped? But, you know, after multiple attempts to reschedule she FINALLY got to have her long-awaited ceremony (thanks, Covid-19) and I was able to make it to celebrate! We've known each other since middle school, which was quite a long time ago now that I'm 30.

Special Guest Star: My Nails, which were painted for the first time in years. Don't look too closely.
My nails are yellow because my outfit was bee-themed. Here's me being a doofus with Claire right before I left for the wedding.

 You can see the card I'd made for Kelly's bridal shower here.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Happy Birthday (And Flag Day) Angela!

I'm a little late posting (nothing new there) but my coworker Angela's birthday was on the 14th, and here's the card I made for her!

A square card!

Gotta have that shine! The sentiment is gold embossed and the hearts are die-cut from some packaging I recycled. Waste not, want not!

Coordinating envelope!

I mentioned in my Father's Day post that I got some recycled blue square envelopes from my sister, and I used one for this card too. Actually, I designed the whole card around the envelope this time! This card was completed before those, but I'm posting out of order.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day 2021

 Happy Father's Day, to those who celebrate!

Being raised in a single-parent household with just my mom, Father's Day isn't really my 'thing.' But my coworker Digna asked if I could make a couple cards for her, and I really got in the Father's Day Zone this year! Here are my three 2021 designs.

I used an embossing folder to give the background panel of kraft cardstock a woodgrain texture.

For this one I kept the main panel simple, but raised it up above the card base on foam tape. This one's also an A6-sized card, too. Almost all of the cards I make are A2, so the size difference was fun to play around with.
And last but not least...
This was the last one I made, and the one I struggled the most with! I knew I wanted to play around with a gradient/ombre sentiment, but wasn't sure what to do for the rest of the design at first. I ended up using a geometric stencil in the same ink colors I used for the sentiment, and then going in to add some shine with a glitter pen.
Love that shine!

I got a bunch of large square blue envelopes from my sister a few months back (who works at a print shop and loves to recycle paper/envelopes that would otherwise be discarded), and I've been challenging myself to use them. They matched this card perfectly, but the size was wrong...so I trimmed one down to fit! I think it came out quite nice. I used the same stencil and glitter pen as on the card to coordinate even better.