Friday, December 2, 2016

Sailor Saturn Bracelet and thank you note

Inktober 2016

A few months later, here's some highlights from Inktober 2016 - my first year where I completed the challenge!

Collection of Cards

I've been working on a lot of greeting cards! Many are sympathy cards because of my full time job (veterinary receptionist) but there are some happier cards mixed in. I've gotten a lot better lately!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marker Fading Experiment

This post has been a few months in the making!

I like working with markers. Whether or not they're expensive Prismacolors or cheap Crayola Super Tips, they're fun. But at the start of the summer something caught my eye: a doodle of mine done with Crayola Super Tips had some noticeable fading. It had been done a few years ago, and it was hanging in my room. I could tell the colors, especially the deep blues, had faded. But I hadn't scanned or photographed the original artwork, so I couldn't really document to what extent. So that got me thinking about the quality of materials...which led to this experiment in marker fading. I've been working on this since September! It's April now! So without further delay, I present to you....


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sympathy Card

I work full-time as a receptionist at an animal hospital, and by far the hardest part of working there is losing patients that you become very attached to. Unfortunately, a lot of the animals we see frequently are very sick. Last week, my favorite patient passed away at home.
A few months ago I developed an interest in card-making. So I decided to make a sympathy card for his family. My technique still isn't the best, and this card took me a long time to finish, but I think it came out very nice. I also made a matching cardstock envelope for it.
A bunch of my coworkers have signed it and we're going to send it home with his ashes on Friday.
Thank you to my sister Maria for the recycled silver paper.

Rest in peace, Remington. I'm so glad I got to know you, you were an amazing dog!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sailor Bracelet SALE

I didn't make it into the Otakon 2016 Artist Alley, so I decided to offer up some of my display pieces for a discount over on my Etsy shop. These are the exact bracelets I've photographed for my listing images! Styles are limited, so act fast if your favorite scout is still available.

As with all of my Etsy orders, they ship with a thank you drawing.