Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ATC Round 3

#5 - "Bob the Squirrel"

#21 - "Darling Deerling"

#16 - "Mystery Skulls: Lewis"
More ATCs. Two fanart, one original. Bob is a squirrel I've been drawing for years. I started drawing him back in middle school. He has a female counterpart named Gina looks identical.

Funny side story: I used to dish out faux-advice for my middle school friends in something we called Ask Dr. Squirrel. I'd give out awful advice in the guise of a cartoon squirrel in response to prompts put in an envelope.

Monday, July 27, 2015


After I had to euthanize my first horse, Jezebel, I was very sad. I was unemployed and miserable. I drew this one day to cheer myself up. Jigglypuff has always been my favorite pokemon! I used a bunch of techniques: watercolor pencil, art marker, colored pencil, cheap crayola markers, etc.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet Pretty Nurse Penicillin!

Pretty Nurse Penicillin (PNP) is a magical girl RPG project of mine that I've been working on/off on for a few years. It started out as a concept for a comic, but I feel like it works much better as a game. I purchased and larned how to use RPG Maker just to make this game! But it's quite a project and will take a long time to complete. Anyway, meet the main character: Penicillin! I featured her on one of the ATC I posted last time.
One of her more recent outfit revamps. I've since changed her shoes a little and added a new cap

Original concept art

Early demo title screen

Penicillin is a reluctant magical nurse girl. She's recruited by Cotton, a sentient puffball, to lead a team of magical nurses in a fight against evil. She has a foul mouth and thinks that this whole magical girl thing is nonsense. That's all for now!

ATCs Round 2

#11 "Blorpy Princess"
 Blorpy Princess I drew for my friend Rachel. She's based on her kitty, Leela.
#13 - "Sylveon"
I drew Sylveon because I really like the color scheme and design of this pokemon. This is one of my favorite ATC yet. I used it to make a button and a postcard print, I liked it so much. Buttons, prints, and even this original ATC are going to be available at Otakon's last day tomorrow. Table P-11!
#10 "Pretty Nurse Penicillin"
Pretty Nurse Penicillin is a character of mine from a magical nurse RPG I've been on/off working on. There's a demo of an early version floating around, if you'd like to google it. I am working on a new and improved version, but it'll take some time. Check back here for updates. Tune in tomorrow for more on Penicillin!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Divinity Complex

One of my pet projects is a card game! Right now it's on hold until October, I can't get it finished in time for Baltimore Comic Con so I want to focus on other things. Here's the concept development for Steve, one of many creation cards. More details on this game later!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brush Test

Just some doodles testing out a few simple brushes I made.

I was going for something with a more traditional look to it. I'm happy with it, but I don't think I'll use it all that much. I'm on a traditional art kick right now.

Monday, July 20, 2015

ATCs Round 1

Here's some of my ATCs!
#1 "Spike" 

#6 "Mini Moon"
#7 "Ruze"
 Spike there is the first one that I did. So you can blame him for the inundation of ATCs.

I really like Chibiusa. I think she's probably the cutest senshi, and I think that's kind of funny now. I totally hated her as a kid!

Ruze is an OC of mine. More on her later.

 The finished copies all have a number and my signature on them, but I scanned these ones before I got around to that. The next batch of scanned cards will all have that visible.

They'll be at Otakon next week, P-11 in the Artist Alley!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere!

Here's some stuff I've been working on.
Pixel Buttons

Wreck-It Ralph Fanart Buttons

Sailor Moon Buttons

Jigglypuffs and Pearly Stardust
Which is your favorite? I think mine's the pixel cupcake or pixel mouse. They'll be available at Otakon next week, table P-11!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Artist Trading Cards

My latest obsession is Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). OK, OK, I'm a little behind the trend. These little buggers started to gain popularity a few years ago. I'd heard of them but never made any of my own. I picked up my first one at Baltimore Comic Con last year, it was a Sailor Moon one by an artist named Emily R. Gillis. I liked that it's an easy way to pick up often one-of-a-kind artworks without breaking the bank.

Just this week, almost a year after purchasing my first, I decided, hey, why not make some of my own? I was about to buy some pre-cut cards when my sister pointed out that she gets high-quality scrap papers from her job at a print shop. So I got them cut down for FREE! Thanks, Maria! Today I finished my 20th ATC.

#3 "Emmie" - Probably my favorite one so far.

I'm on fire man, somebody stop me! Some of them will be available at Otakon 2015 next week. Table P-11! (Thanks again, Maria!) Stay tuned for more.

Hey Y'all

My name is Amanda, but I also go by Pook Nero and Pookie Pixels. I'm new to blogger, and probably new to you, although I'm not necessarily new to the internet.

I dabble in a lot of things. I've tried comics, crafts, pixel art, video games...the list goes on and on. I'm not a professional artist. I'm not really a professional anything! I'm more of a Jack-of-all-trades. And I think my previous blogging ventures have been relatively unsuccessful because I've been trying for years to focus on one project at a time.

I have been pitting my interests against each other and limiting myself with nonsense self-imposed rules about where and when I can share my content. 

I realize now that wasn't going to work for me. So here I am, breakin' all the rules and ready to start fresh. All my content, all in one place. Welcome to my blog!