Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

A lot of weddings lately!

For David & Camille

For Kelly & Michael

For Jordan and Jordan (Double Jordans!)

Much love to all the happy couples!

You're Sweet


I made this as a thank you card for my cousin Alyssa! And I stamped the kraft paper wrapping of her very-belated Christmas gift to match. Alyssa is bright and vibrant and cute fruits really suit her, I think.

Pom Mom Bday Card


Because my sister loves Pomeranians (she has 2 rescued boys), and I consider teal her signature color.

A LOT of Birthday Cards!


Whoops I forgot to take a picture of this one after I added the sentiment!

Christmas in...uh...May?

OK, so you could say I'm a little behind when it comes to posting my more recent handmade cards. I try to wait to post Xmas cards until I'm sure everyone has received theirs, and then I just ended up forgetting altogether. But without further delay, here's my batch from Christmas 2020!


The gang's all together

So breaking things down, there's a trio of simple tree card designs:

I really liked these guys! Sometimes simple is best. Here's a closer look at them individually.

Moving on....

So my 2020 Secret Santa happened to be very proudly Italian-American, and the Italian flag colors work well for Christmas too! And I liked the design so much I made it a twin for Mike, my (unofficial) step-dad. Christmas is also his birthday!

This one is unique, I only made one of this design. I liked the kraft card base with the images I'd used from a few different stamp sets.

This one I made with a stamped sentiment background that went unused a year or so ago.

Edit: I just realized that apparently I never posted my Christmas 2019 cards either. Oh boy.  Well, here's those.