Monday, March 25, 2019

New Facebook Page

So after literally WEEKS of attempting to rename and merge my two Facebook pages (Pookie Pixels and Handmade Cards by Amanda), I've officially given up. I did everything Facebook wanted, including posting about the "rebranding*" on my official website. And despite everything, every appeal was denied. As far as I'm concerned, it wasn't worth the headache anymore.

So I've launched a NEW page, where I'll be representing my creative endeavors from here on out. I'll be updating my site to reflect the new link shortly. The lack-of-merging on Facebook's end means I lose all my previous Followers and Likes. Which sucks. So I'd appreciate any Likes you send my way!

*Is it really a "rebrand" if Pook Nero is my artist handle literally everywhere else outside of Facebook?

I don't have any art to contribute today, so here's a picture of my mothering the hell out of some baby alligators.

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