Monday, March 4, 2019


Rachel Bard (a.k.a. the Queen of Mini-Comics) and I have joined forces to release a story together! BEHOLD GRAGGULAX!
It's a mini-comic composed of TWO parallel stories with TWO adorable covers. I did the writing, and Rachel did the heavy lifting (character design, art, book layout, literally everything else). 

It's a tale about perspective and faith and cute aliens and the (maybe) existence of GRAGGULAX, an omnipotent space being. It's just super fantastic and I'm so happy with it. I am sad to report, however, that there were no Snorpvivors. R.I.P. Snorps.

If you'd like to pick up a copy, they're currently for sale at Challengers in Chicago. I also stock copies and will be selling them at Camden Comic Con 2019 (currently my only scheduled event this year--don't miss it!).

If you're not local to Chicago or NJ, I'm sure they'll likely be available soon on Rachel's Etsy. While you're there, check out her other amazing works! She's like, so freakin' amazing. Good job being awesome, Rachel. 

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