Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sympathy Card - Bo

A few weeks back, we lost a particularly special patient. Bo was a true legend and had been coming to the hospital for his entire life. He was well-known for his long history of wacky hijinks, and will be sorely missed by everyone lucky enough to have met him.
After he passed, I heard a very sweet story about how he got his name from a coworker. When they first brought Bo home as a pup, he had been wearing a blue bow. The technician making his ink paw prints told me it was why she was putting blue bows on all his paw print cards.
Inspired by the blue bow story, I based the card around an embossed panel with two shades of blue ink blending. It's one of my "signature" tri-fold cards, because we needed room for everyone to write their goodbyes.

Rest in peace, friend.

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