Sunday, January 14, 2018

Regency Babes

So I mentioned in my Bianyo Brush Markers review post, that I'd purchased some more skin tones from Bianyo and a set from Art-n-Fly. Here I am, using my marker collection together in all its glory to draw some regency babes!
I adore both mens' and womens' regency fashions. I knew I wanted to draw a variety of ladies to test my new tones on, so this is what I came up with. Who is your favorite? Mine is the lady in the blue dress. The blonde girl closest to the bottom is flustered because everyone else is in fancy dresses, and she's in pajamas!
Also, yes that is Pride and Prejudice 2005 fan art in the corner
I got so caught up in drawing the lovely ladies that I forgot to note which markers I used for what....oops! So I'll have an upcoming post with more about the skin color sets I purchased.

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