Friday, December 29, 2017

Inktober 2017 Highlights

OK, even though I failed at completing Inktober 2017, I have some pretty solid ATCs to show for my attempt!
 Here we have a horse skull for a Skeleton Sunday. I also made the background paper myself and love the vibrant colors!
 Cat skeleton for a Skeleton Sunday.
 Mothmanda (a character from a project unlikely to see the light of day) for Monster Monday.
 Witchy Wednesday! I really loved this one, possibly my favorite from this year. I feel like my line work improved a lot since last year.
Another Witchy Wednesday, featuring Miss Mama Cass Elliot as Witch Hazel. Her dress isn't movie-accurate, but I love her regardless! This one I watercolored. I'm, uh, not that skilled with watercolors. So I'm super happy with how this one came out.

And that's it! There's a few more over at my Instagram (pooknero) but these are my favorites. I had challenged myself with themed days, and I think that was my downfall this year. My theme for Thursdays was "Traumatic Throwback Thursday" where I shared what was supposed to be a goofy, lighthearted memory from my arguably dysfunctional childhood, and the last ATC I completed (unposted) actually ended up triggering a pretty serious episode of melancholy. Whoops! Maybe next year I'll be able to complete it again.

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