Friday, December 22, 2017

From Mr. Rusty to Mr. Darcy - Doodle Collection

We had the most charming, handsome old pug boarding at my workplace last month. His tongue hangs out of his mouth 90% of the time. He absolutely stole my heart. This dog literally developed a fan club out of my coworkers. I drew his owner a picture of him to go home with him, but unfortunately a friend picked him up for her, so I didn't get to see her reaction! I LOVE YOU MR. RUSTY.

Also, I'm a huge, huge Pride and Prejudice nerd. Like, to an unreasonable, unhealthy degree. Of course I've got some Pride and Prejudice doodles!
This Elizabeth Bennet here is based on the 1995 Pride and Prejudice's Jennifer Ehle. I drew this several months ago for an unfinished button design, but wasn't happy with it. I like her a lot now, though!
And here we have Fitzwilliam Darcy, clearly based on 1995's Colin Firth. Or at least I hope it's clear! This one's more recent, from just a few days ago. I got some Copic Ciao markers, my first time using Copic products. I also used some Prismacolors and other various markers to fill in for colors I didn't have, since I only bought the Ciao skin pack.

Gold waistcoats are my favorite! I absolutely adore Regency fashion, especially regency menswear. I think it's because the fashion is very equestrian in nature, and I find that very appealing. And I adore the movie Labyrinth, and Jareth's style of dress also appears very Regency-inspired.

Despite the two P&P 1995 fan doodles, I actually prefer the 2005 movie version. They're both excellent adaptations (I don't care what anyone says!) and sure the 1995 version is more book-accurate (aside from the lake scene) but the 2005 version has Matthew MacFadyen. How can you compete with that? It will always have a special place in my heart.

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