Sunday, July 26, 2015

ATCs Round 2

#11 "Blorpy Princess"
 Blorpy Princess I drew for my friend Rachel. She's based on her kitty, Leela.
#13 - "Sylveon"
I drew Sylveon because I really like the color scheme and design of this pokemon. This is one of my favorite ATC yet. I used it to make a button and a postcard print, I liked it so much. Buttons, prints, and even this original ATC are going to be available at Otakon's last day tomorrow. Table P-11!
#10 "Pretty Nurse Penicillin"
Pretty Nurse Penicillin is a character of mine from a magical nurse RPG I've been on/off working on. There's a demo of an early version floating around, if you'd like to google it. I am working on a new and improved version, but it'll take some time. Check back here for updates. Tune in tomorrow for more on Penicillin!

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