Saturday, July 18, 2015

Artist Trading Cards

My latest obsession is Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). OK, OK, I'm a little behind the trend. These little buggers started to gain popularity a few years ago. I'd heard of them but never made any of my own. I picked up my first one at Baltimore Comic Con last year, it was a Sailor Moon one by an artist named Emily R. Gillis. I liked that it's an easy way to pick up often one-of-a-kind artworks without breaking the bank.

Just this week, almost a year after purchasing my first, I decided, hey, why not make some of my own? I was about to buy some pre-cut cards when my sister pointed out that she gets high-quality scrap papers from her job at a print shop. So I got them cut down for FREE! Thanks, Maria! Today I finished my 20th ATC.

#3 "Emmie" - Probably my favorite one so far.

I'm on fire man, somebody stop me! Some of them will be available at Otakon 2015 next week. Table P-11! (Thanks again, Maria!) Stay tuned for more.

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