Sunday, July 28, 2019

Redrawing my Middle School OC

After Rocky passed away, I took down his cage and moved in some furniture from my childhood bedroom. I found a drawer containing some cherished art from when I was in middle school!

Yikes! These were one of my first experiments with alcohol markers (specifically, Prismacolor Markers). And as you can see, Baby Amanda hit a few road bumps. I wasn't using appropriate paper. I didn't use appropriate liners. Just overall, I had no idea what the heck I was doing. I made three attempts and was pretty dissatisfied with all of them at the time. I just couldn't get the markers to do what I wanted.

But now, many years have passed and I know exactly what I was doing wrong: Everything. I used a water-based liner so that it wouldn't bleed with the alcohol-based markers. I used cardstock that could handle the job. I didn't want to change the design this time around (maybe in the future I will), so I just kind of did a quick mash-up of the three reference images and here's the result:

 If you'd like to watch me work on this, be sure to check out Redraw with Me: Middle School OC Edition:
I'm going to be upfront. My hand was in the way for most of the video. Oops? I'll be more careful next time.

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