About Me

Author. Artist. Ace. Amanda.

Q: 'Pook Nero?'
A: With a name like 'Amanda Smith,' it's very difficult to have any kind of distinguishable online presence. From the start, I knew I needed to go with something else.
 'Pook' was my middle school nickname. It was adopted from a joke from Roman Dirge's Lenore. I've used it as part of all of my online handle ever sense. I added 'Nero' because 'Pook' was already taken on some sites that I frequented. It's the name of one of my cats and a reference to the emperor Nero.

Q: Author?
A: In 2018 I began to experiment with fiction writing for the first time. You can read my first novella, No Elle, completely free on Tapas or download on Gumroad. I also wrote Graggulax, a mini-comic collaboration with Rachel Bard. I look forward to more short format writing projects in the future.

Q: Artist?
A: I dabble in digital and traditional art, comics, card making, loom beading, and more.
Q: Ace?
A: Ace as in Asexual. I've identified as Ace for many, many years, but only 'came out' publicly in the fall of 2018. My Asexuality is a large part of who I am and is often reflected in my art, writing, and sense of humor.

Q: Amanda?
A: That's me! On top of everything else already listed above, I'm an equestrian and major animal lover. When I'm not at work (on creative projects or at my full-time job as an optometric technician) I'm generally busy taking care of my animals. Ask me about my pets, because I'd love to tell you all about them!