Thursday, June 24, 2021

Art-n-Fly Markers, Round 2!

A few years back I reviewed the set of six skin tones by Art-n-Fly. At the time I didn't care much for the color choices compared to the other options I had picked up. With time, I've grown more fond of them: not as skin tones, but for sepia-tones! But they've been discontinued and replaced with a 12-pack of new colors. I also own and love the now-discontinued (boo!) set of purples they used to make, which I LOVED. I absolutely Stan P83, and I'm glad I picked up a refill for it.

I decided to try some more of their products: The Skin tone 12-pack, the Pastel 12-pack, and the 6-pack of Sepia fine liners. Here's my sketchbook page of first impressions!

I am very pleased with both sets of markers. The variety in skin tones is significantly improved, and there's even some blush colors in that set. With just these two sets, you get a lot of variety and can do a lot! In the bottom right corner, I drew Vee and Liz, who I'd drawn in my original skin tone showdown, and the results are much better this time around. I also redrew one of my Regency Babes towards the top right.

 The sepia liners are...ok. I wish they were a little bit darker, and they do lay down a little blotchy at times. But despite that, I find myself using them a lot. I do really like the softer lineart you can get with them.

 Overall, I'm happy with everything! Good job, Art-n-Fly! Keep up the good work! I'd also like to note that their customer service is top-notch. I emailed them asking for how their new colors compared to the older formulations, and I was immediately provided with an image comparing the exact colors I asked about! Color me impressed. I'll definitely continue to support this brand in the future.

 Bonus Doodles! Here's some older sepia sketches I colored with the discontinued old skin tone set. 

You can achieve a similar look with the new sets, but keep in mind that even the colors with the same names from the old set have changed formulation!

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