Saturday, March 2, 2019

No Elle Doodles

If you haven't downloaded my novella, No Elle, for free from Gumroad, it's almost done posting on Tapas! Only a few more days until the end. So that said, here's some doodles! Be warned: they contain spoilers.

 The one above goes along with Chapter Two. Vee (left) is giving Noel (right) some arguably bad advice.

Tomie is not amused with Emile in Chapter Five. She's the Mom Friend and I love her.
In Chapter Six, **SHRIMP SHOWDOWN SPOILERS** Vee's new girlfriend, Liz, ends up winning an arm wrestling competition. She gives Vee the prize (the last cocktail shrimp).
In Chapter Fourteen, Noel and her boyfriend Emile take a trip to the Poconos. She ends up not caring for camping or hiking.

Chapter Fifteen, which is my favorite of the whole story, sees  Noel and Emile at a Poconos Honeymoon Resort. They end up having a blast, and they get matching commemorative booty shorts.

There's also a doodle based on a scene from Chapter Thriteen over at my marker comparison post. Vee and Liz mention their interest in getting a chameleon together--which signifies how serious their relationship is.

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